Hello. I’m Brian Tolle.

I create bespoke virtual assets that take your production to the next level.

  • FilmED Environments
  • Virtual FILMMAKING

INdoor? Outdoor? Anywhere!

Take your filmed production anywhere, while staying on stage.

I create environments for virtual film production.

  • Real time Environments

    Virtual Environments are built for real-time filmmaking. Blueprints and web interfaces allow the crew to adjust environment settings with the same responsiveness as other departments – with controls that fit your production including OSC & DMX.

Bring it all together on a LED volume or chroma stage

with In Camera VFX and Real Time Compositing.

  • Real Time Compositing

    Revolutionize your chroma workflow with Real Time Compositing on set.

    Preview final composites while you film. Check framing, eye-lines, and set extensions – and give context to how the elements fit into the final frame.


    LED panels and tracked cameras are the basis of In-Camera-VFX.

    Immerse the cast into the world of a film and create seamless composites that are impossible to replicate on a traditional chroma stage.

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