Past the Breadboard

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I haven’t dallied with electronics since high school. I soldered robot kits, and light sensitive buzzers. One summer I played with etching my own circuits. I couldn’t draft or silkscreen the boards, and I ended up drawing them with graph paper and a magic marker. The etching chemicals were toxic, and the experiment was

Controlling LANC with a PS3 Controller

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While I wait for the camera to ship, I have been playing with making the LANC control work. I found lots of very helpful posts: Control Your Camera RF Explorer Video Vielseitig Verwendet I’ve been able to cobble together a simple circuit, and mix the sketches to make the arduino use the button presses

Arduino Camera Control

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I have always wanted to be able to control a camera’s settings with midi. The ability to adjust any setting - iris, focus, zoom, gain - to match a beat or just to have a repeatable combination of effects. When the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera was announced, it seemed like it might give me