Balmy Alley test

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These two panels from Balmy Alley are a test of large-scale models using normal maps for detail on a low poly-count model. This original model was a modest 400,000, but the lo-poly is 40,000. For the final version the high res meshes will be in the millions of polys, it will have both sides of the alley

Cherub Test

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I have been experimenting with bringing photogrammetry to real time graphics, and the first successful test is this cherub. I have been using photogrammetry techniques in film visual effects for many years, and I have been working to bring that high level of organic detail into real-time and mixed reality.

The physical model is a plaster

MCP Electronics

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The adafruit Feather M0 WiFi arduino board has turned out to be the perfect board for the Master Control Panel. There are many pre-made ‘wings’ that can connect together through a common set of pins, including the OLED screen on the top of the MCP, and the servo controller.

Since the board diagrams


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Matchmove, Animation Matching, and Layout work.

2017 Asura Matchmove Artist Tippett, Berkeley
Downsized Matchmove Artist Whiskytree, San Rafael
Bolden! Matchmove Artist Whiskytree, San Rafael
2016 Rogue One Matchmove Artist Whiskytree, San Rafael
Dawn (TV Pilot) Layout Artist Tippett, Berkeley
League of Gods Layout Artist Tippett, Berkeley
2015 Gods of Egypt Layout Artist Tippett, Berkeley
Ted 2 Layout Artist Tippett, Berkeley
2014 A Million Ways to Die in the

Master Control Panel

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This camera robot thing became way too complicated.

I had gotten all of the individual pieces working, thinking that the whole thing would come together piece by piece. As started drawing diagrams of the wiring, it quickly became apparent that I would have to minimize the wires. I want the bot to have complete freedom of