79 Locations

When Brian started writing All the Others Were Practice, he made the decision that the movie could go out into the world. Often small budget films end up being shot in a few locations, but there are so many great locations across San Francisco that is seems a shame to lock ourselves in a room.

Location_map_San_Francisco_CountyWe will be all over San Francisco from the Sunset to the Mission, not at the tourist spots but in the neighborhoods, on the streets. The city is reflected in the characters. It defines where they live where they eat and how they get around. Not a backdrop or a setting, San Francisco plays it’s part in shaping our characters futures.

Over the 22 days of filming, we will be covering the city. Seventy-nine locations. That’s a lot. A whole lot. Our online coordination tools will help us corral talent and crew as we move to as many as four locations in a day. By keeping crew to a minimum we can also minimize our foot print – with less cars to park and tents to pitch we can move quickly. Still it will be a bit of a feat to pull it off.

If you’d like to watch behind-the-scenes as we film All the Others Were Practice, be sure to join us as a crowdfunder.