A Staged Table reading

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On Saturday August 20, we had a reading with the whole cast.

First, we read the script straight through, without stopping for questions. Hearing the characters come to life through these talented actors is a treat in itself. After a chat about questions that came up during the reading, we did a second reading, a bit in the style of a radio play.

We recorded the second reading, so that we could go back and hear the pacing of particular scenes.

The reading was tremendously helpful in refining the script, and seeing how the cast melds as a whole. Thank you to all of the actors who participated: Alex Moggridge, Chris Morrell, Kimberly MacLean, Bennie Bell, Chantelle Tibbs, Kathleen Antonia, Liam Vincent, Lawrence Radecker, Monterey Morrissey, Paris hunter Paul and Kathleen Park.