The Production

All the Others Were Practice is a human-scale production, an independent film in the truest possible sense. Our small, talented cast and crew use our efficient production pipeline to achieve clean, sharp images – with aesthetics driven by the story.

Our production budget covers all expenses related to the 24 day filming schedule: development and pre-production; actor and crew wages, location rentals, props, wardrobe, food and camera & lighting equipment.

In order to ‘green light’ the film, we need to raise a minimum production budget of $45,000.Three ways to help Green Light the film:

– Crowd Funding
– Equity Investment
– Grants and Donations
Development – in progress
Script Development
Pre-Production – in progress
Hire Crew
Location Scouting
ProductionApril 25 – May 25 2013
Shoot on locations around San Francisco
Post ProductionJune – August 2013
Sound Track
DistributionBeginning August 2013
Festival Submissions
Event Theatrical Run
VOD, Home Video Release