The Story

Jôrge is happy. Yes, he’s alone, but he’s happy.
He has no problem getting dates, it’s relationships that confound him.
And he doesn’t want to complicate his life with a relationship.

He works in his cubicle, hangs out with his friends, sits around his apartment. He’s fine!

Then Jôrge gets set up with up with Larry. Larry is the quintessential gay – toned body, on-trend clothes, rich. He’s right off the magazine page. He seems perfect. The only problem is that he’s a bit shallow, and vain, and entitled.

When Jôrge accidently dumps Larry, he sets off a string of unlikely dates. Suddenly, every guy in town seems to notice Jôrge.

Terry, his long term crush, notices him. Ivan takes him dancing.
He meets George. George with the beautiful house, the cute smile, and what’s in that little box? Is that a wedding ring?
And what about Tony, where does he fit in?

With so many choices, how does Jôrge know true love from the practice rounds?