We set a date

In the spring of 2011, I decided that I was ready to make a feature film. It was a simple idea – make a funny, beautiful film on a budget that will allow it the best chance of breaking even.

I had just finished a script. We’d had some readings and gotten good feedback. It’s a film that I’d like to see, the comedy of an average guy looking for love. He’s thoroughly queer but doesn’t fit into many of the typical stereotypes seen in film.

As the summer started, I began working with a producer. We tried a crowd funding campaign, held a few rounds of auditions, and applied for some grants that seemed a sure bet. We planned on filming in the fall.

Well, fast forward a little more than a year.

Every source of funding that I had hoped to tap has proven much harder than expected. It’s been frustrating, because we know we have a great film, and the only thing stopping us from filming it has been a lack of money, which is a lame reason.

While we’ve been working on funding, I’ve been lucky enough to make some short films. With The Beginning and Obit, I’ve been able to refine the production methods that we’ll use in All the Others Were Practice. I’ve also been able to use their productions as a template to make All the Others an even leaner production than it could have been a year ago.

I’ve been able to whiddle the budget down to a point where I can cover the basics. We’ve built this site to help us share the film with people like you, in the hopes that you can help us fill in some of the gaps in the budget. In return, you’ll be one of the first people to see the All the Others Were Practice.

We begin filming in April 2013.

If you’ve read this far, consider becoming a Crowd Funder.

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Thank you,

Brian Tolle