SF Pride 2012

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Today, we marched in the 2012 San Francisco Pride Parade!

It was a long, beautifully sunny day, and we all had a great time. We were near very end of the parade, so we had a bit of a wait to even start, but we were entertained by the contingent from kink.com on the flatbed truck in front of us.

As we marched down Market Street we were between the Asexuals and people from a storage company wearing boxes (and their underwear) We passed out our entire stash of 2,400 buttons to the crowd, before we were halfway down the route!

Did you get a button today? Welcome!

Our goal in the parade today was to share our film with as many people as possible, so we can gauge the potential audience. Please share us with your friends and other fans of independent and queer film.

Location Scout to the Russian River

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We took a trip up to Guerneville and the Russian River, to scout locations. The area around there is beautiful, and we’ll be able to find everything we need.

All the Others Were Practice

ALL THE OTHERS WERE PRACTICE is a feature film set in San Francisco.

It’s about Jôrge.

It’s the post-gay romantic comedy of how Jôrge finds true love – how he learns that what you want from love and what you need from love, aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Filming begins in April 2013, bringing together some of the best Bay Area actors and artisans. The film celebrates the long cinematic history of San Francisco – creating beautiful images and compelling stories – on an independent budget.


A Staged Table reading

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On Saturday August 20, we had a reading with the whole cast.

First, we read the script straight through, without stopping for questions. Hearing the characters come to life through these talented actors is a treat in itself. After a chat about questions that came up during the reading, we did a second reading, a bit in the style of a radio play.

We recorded the second reading, so that we could go back and hear the pacing of particular scenes.

The reading was tremendously helpful in refining the script, and seeing how the cast melds as a whole. Thank you to all of the actors who participated: Alex Moggridge, Chris Morrell, Kimberly MacLean, Bennie Bell, Chantelle Tibbs, Kathleen Antonia, Liam Vincent, Lawrence Radecker, Monterey Morrissey, Paris hunter Paul and Kathleen Park.

the First Storyboards

Read the Storyboards

Get a feel for how the film will look with these storyboards that illustrate the first four scenes from the film.
Storyboards are used in a lot of different ways in making a film. We are using storyboards to help reduce the cost of the production. The boards give us a chance to do a dry run of the entire film shoot, hopefully identifying any major obstacles while we still have a chance to figure them out.

By planning the entire film shot by shot, we can be very efficient on set. We will be able to shoot only what we need, and not waste time shooting footage that will never be used in the film. The storyboards give us a way to know exactly what needs to be shot every day of production, having this solid foundation allows us some freedom to experiment on set.

We hope you enjoy this visual reading of the film.


All the Others Were Practice is a movie about a queer guy, a gay guy. A homo-sexual. But he doesn’t wholly define himself as gay, or queer, or homosexual. He’s a guy. He works his job, hangs out with his friends, hopes to find love with the perfect guy.

In America, the word gay is associated with so many different people and groups that it has almost lost any concrete definition. Until about the ninteen-fifties gay meant really happy, unless you were a queer man in which case it was code for a queer man. In the sixties, the media replaced their term for a queer man, homosexual, with gay. It’s been used as a badge of honor and a term of derision to describe a vast array of people and behavior. To a lot of people today, gay just means not-cool.

Post-gay isn’t ex-gay, and it’s not meant to imply that the struggle for equality is over. Post-gay means that the characters are tired of being labeled. They’re people, and that can’t be summed up with any one word.

SF Pride 2011

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We were in the San Francisco Pride Parade!

It was perfect weather as we walked down Market passing out stickers, between peta and HomeDepot. Where else will HomeDepot and peta march together? It makes me think of what we’re trying to do with the characters in All the Others Were Practice. Queer people are everywhere, and we do everything.

Marching in the parade today, we weren’t able to watch any of it, but I was able to catch the sanitation dance crew rehearsing in the line-up, and they’re one of my favorite contingents.

The Story

Jorge dates a bunch of guys, but only one, is the one.

Jôrge is happy. Yes, he’s alone, but he’s happy.
He has no problem getting dates, it’s relationships that confound him.
And he doesn’t want to complicate his life with a relationship.

He works in his cubicle, hangs out with his friends, sits around his apartment. He’s fine!

Then Jôrge gets set up with up with Larry. Larry is the quintessential gay – toned body, on-trend clothes, rich. He’s right off the magazine page. He seems perfect. The only problem is that he’s a bit shallow, and vain, and entitled.

When Jôrge accidently dumps Larry, he sets off a string of unlikely dates. Suddenly, every guy in town seems to notice Jôrge.

Terry, his long term crush, notices him. Ivan takes him dancing.
He meets George. George with the beautiful house, the cute smile, and what’s in that little box? Is that a wedding ring?
And what about Tony, where does he fit in?

With so many choices, how does Jôrge know true love from the practice rounds?

Table Reading

On Sunday February 27, we had a script reading with six very talented actors from the Bay Area reading all 34 roles.

The table reading was tremendously helpful, and the script received very well by the cast and small audience. The reading illuminated a few spurs in the story, and they have been smoothed out.

The script is ready to move into pre-production.


Written & Directed by Brian Tolle

Brian Tolle
Travis Valentine
Matthew Valenti

Executive Producers
Carol Barnes
Rachael Reinert

Charlie Ballard – Jôrge
Kimberly Maclean – Tina
Chris Morrell – Tony
Antonio Sommers – Larry
Liam Vincent – Terry
Lawrence Radecker – George
Bennie Bell – Glen
Kathleen Antonia – Pam
Chantelle Tibbs – Meghan
Monterey Morrissey – Mr. Abbot
Susan Monson – Server 1
Molly Goode – Server 2
Leigh Wolf – Becky
John Lennon Harrison – Gus
Ben Johnson – Skincare Clerk
Joe Castiglione – Ivan
Steven Wiig – Amir
Rheem Abuhamdeh – Ann
Brian Yates Sharber – Omar
Marianne Shine – Ellen Simmons
Cameron Stiehl – Agnes
Dani Sukiennik – Waiter
Henry Lee – Drunk Guy
Justin Liszanckie – Sober Guy
Tuesday Thomas – Former Colleague
Kai Tibbs-Mendoza – Pearl
Nick Pugh – Man at Party
Rex Taber – Boyfriend at Party
Eric Barbus – Man in elevator
Eve Batey – Woman in elevator
Tim Ehhalt – Man in Lobby
Brennan Jones Wilson – Party Food Guy
Robert Osmand – Party Food Guy
Jenoa Harlow – Bartender
Franny – Cupcake

Based on stories by Brian Tolle and Jon Hancuff

Joe McGovern
Kenneth Medina
Gloria Suarez
Kerry Bitner
Geetha Reddy

Sound design and Re-Recording Mix
Audible Shift

Assistant Sound Design
Kirk Young
Terence Wan
Colleen Carson
Esau Gutierrez
Kevin Ravenscroft

Written and Performed by French Cassettes

“Synching Through the Void”
Written and Performed by The Greening

“Fillmore Swing”
Written and Performed by The Vivants

Written and Performed by Chantelle Tibbs

“Let’s Get”
from the EP Northwest Nu-Wave
Written and Performed by Skywalker OG

Additional Music by Joe McGovern

Crowd Funders
A. Dyson
Aunt Julie Turek
Cameron Stiehl
Catherine Clements
Chantelle Tibbs
Chris Morrell
Christopher R. Smith
Cija Johnson
Corey Rosen
Damona Hoffman
Dustin and Sara Mitchell
Emily Barbus &
Eric Anderson
Eric Barbus
Eric Bratton
Ethan Wheeler-Cohen
Eve Batey
Flying Moose Pictures
Geetha Reddy
Gemma Bulos
Jay Barbus &
Jennie Wengrovius
Joe Castiglione
John Luciano
Jonathan Luskin and
Jonathon Hancuff
Julie Noble &
Kelly Kilkenny
Kimberly MacLean
Kyle McCulloch
Leigh Wolf
Matthew Valenti
Michal, Adrianne &
Mom and Dad Barbus
Monterey Morrissey
Nathaniel Barbus
Nora Hancuff
Posey Tibbon
Rachel Reinert
Raj Reddy
Rex Taber
Sara Waldo
Shaun McGovern
Stefano Tonzani
Suzi Winson
Tara Davis
The San Francisco Appeal
Tommy Barnes

Thank You
Aaron J. Tilford
Alan Sauer
Alex Moggridge
Amy Harrison
Andrew Galpern
Art Institute of California
Berkeley Sound Artists
Buddy Saleman
Catherine Tate
Charles Ayres
Charles Ford
Daria Karpova
David Hempling
David Mahr
Debra Santa Maria
Don Ramos
Don Seaver
Eric Marko
Frank & Burt
Gil Olmstead
Great Apparel For You
James LeBrecht and
Jason Joseffer
JCX Expendables
Jean Elston
Jeremiah Moore
Josh Penn
Karl McHugh
Kelly Kilkenny
Laughing Squid
Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P.
Luis Vivas
Michele Turnure-Salleo
Mike Cavanaugh
Millie Li
Robyn Rice
Rosebowl Florist
San Francisco
Shane Kind
Siniša Kukić
Tamara Badgley Horowitz
Tanja Pohl
Tom Swift
Ty McKenzie & Stage Werx
Val Killmore
Vincent Hecht
Yaron Milgrom

Special Thanks to SAG-AFTRA

DCP Author – Aaron Owen
DCP Producer – Taylor Whitehouse
DCP by Cinematiq Digital Lab Services

Legal Services – George Rush

Payroll Services – EastWest Payroll

Production Insurance provided by
Hammond, Martin, Walsh & Smith

©2015 All the Others, LLC All Rights Reserved