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  • Candy Kitchen

    When we found ourselves down a diner location at the last minute, the St. Francis fountain was gracious enough to let us film in the Candy Kitchen. The space used to be where the candy was made, but now it’s an extra dining room that mostly seems to be used on weekends. So, we had…

  • Storyboards for day 9 out of 24

    Every day we have at least this much to guide us on how much and what we are going to film for each scene.

  • Filming in Downtown

    We took over a small office in SF on Saturday 5/4 to film 9 scenes and whopping 14 setups.It was a long day but we got a lot of great little scenes.Eric and Eve and Tim stopped by to play some office workers in the elevator, and Tim got to play the part of the…

  • Peninsula Beauty

    Gia at Peninsula Beauty was kind enough to stay after work and let us film a pretty funny scene. Thank you Gia! Our production footprint is so small that we were able to setup and film the entire scene – a page-and-a-half of dialogue and 5 angles – in less than an hour.

  • 80 deg in SF

    In golden gate park for b-roll.

  • Getting ready to steal a shot on the bus

  • Gorgeous!

  • Day 2

  • Somebody get that cat off the equipment… We’re trying to make a movie here!

  • End of day one

    4 setups, 10 scenes. A pretty good first day. AND – Charlie is on grindr with his new prop phone.

  • I’m ready for my close up!

  • And so it begins!


  • First setup

    Getting ready for the first set-up, scene 69. Jôrge has just gotten dumped.

  • Enough Equipment to fit the Crew

    The original camera we had hoped to film with never shipped, and we ended up getting a different great little camera. We are filming with a Sony FS100, recording the images directly to Quicktime ProRes – bypassing the compression from the camera. We end up with pretty amazing images. We’ve been able to get the…

  • 79 Locations

    When Brian started writing All the Others Were Practice, he made the decision that the movie could go out into the world. Often small budget films end up being shot in a few locations, but there are so many great locations across San Francisco that is seems a shame to lock ourselves in a room.…

  • the Camera is (back)Ordered

    One of the ways we plan to keep down costs on All the Others Were Practice is by owning as much of the equipment as possible. New camera technologies allow us to buy the equipment for less than it would cost to rent it. Plus we save on insurance costs and the equipment is always…

  • We set a date

    In the spring of 2011, I decided that I was ready to make a feature film. It was a simple idea – make a funny, beautiful film on a budget that will allow it the best chance of breaking even. I had just finished a script. We’d had some readings and gotten good feedback. It’s…

  • Welcome Charlie Ballard

    San Francisco Bay Area comedian Charlie Ballard has joined the cast of All the Others Were Practice as Jôrge. Charlie has been seen nationally on Logo, Comedy Central and NBC – locally he regularly performs stand-up, and produces the Hella Gay Comedy Show.

  • Shirts, as you like them

    Our shirt store is a fun way to support All the Others Were Practice. The shirt store let’s you choose the style, color, & artwork to create your own unique shirt. There’s thousands of combinations, which one are you?

  • The Production

    All the Others Were Practice is a human-scale production, an independent film in the truest possible sense. Our small, talented cast and crew use our efficient production pipeline to achieve clean, sharp images – with aesthetics driven by the story. Our production budget covers all expenses related to the 24 day filming schedule: development and…

  • IFP Independent Filmmakers Conference

    This week, I’m in New York City for the IFP Independent Filmmakers Conference. The sessions are very informative, and I’m meeting filmmakers from all over the country that are making films of a similar size to ours. I can’t wait to get back to SF and our production team to start implementing some of what…

  • SF Pride 2012

    [slideshow_deploy id=’5638′] Today, we marched in the 2012 San Francisco Pride Parade! It was a long, beautifully sunny day, and we all had a great time. We were near very end of the parade, so we had a bit of a wait to even start, but we were entertained by the contingent from on…

  • Location Scout to the Russian River

    [slideshow_deploy id=’5598′] We took a trip up to Guerneville and the Russian River, to scout locations. The area around there is beautiful, and we’ll be able to find everything we need.

  • All the Others Were Practice

    ALL THE OTHERS WERE PRACTICE is a feature film set in San Francisco. It’s about Jôrge. It’s the post-gay romantic comedy of how Jôrge finds true love – how he learns that what you want from love and what you need from love, aren’t necessarily the same thing. Filming begins in April 2013, bringing together…

  • A Staged Table reading

    [slideshow_deploy id=’5634′] On Saturday August 20, we had a reading with the whole cast. First, we read the script straight through, without stopping for questions. Hearing the characters come to life through these talented actors is a treat in itself. After a chat about questions that came up during the reading, we did a second…