Category: watch

  • obit

    As Liz writes an obituary, Henry is overwhelmed by memories and escapes from our world into his.

  • the beginning

    On a cold dark night two naked strangers struggle to connect. What is the question? And, what is their answer? The Beginning was commissioned by and premiered as part of the first ever PlayGround Film Festival.

  • the lamp

    When a man finds an old oil lamp, the genie inside offers him the standard deal, with an extra-ordinary outcome.

  • up

    If she could just remember that step, maybe her flying dream wasn’t just a dream, after all.

  • the machine

    Man vs. machine – answering machine.

  • 2:47 am Bloomington, IN

    A quest for breakfast in the wee hours of the morning, in Bloomington, IN.

  • for your viewing pleasure

    One of my first forays into filmmaking, shot on shot on 16mm. This was a class group project for one of the few filmmaking classes at Indiana University

  • the sun

    A man gets lost in his TV.