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It's been more than a year since I first set out to make the camera move around in a repeatable way. Sure, I was busy with another Chinese action movie, and life and such, but mostly it's taken this long because building a robot is hard. I knew it was going to involve challenges,


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I was looking for a practical project to explore real world scale and photorealistic lighting in VR. My friend Susie is an architect. She is working on a house for a client, and she wanted to see if VR might be useful in her pipeline. The house was designed in SketchUp, then Revit. I

robo cam

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Now that I am able to control the camera, I was able to get back to the automation goal. I originally set out to AUTOMATE the camera, but I was just thinking of the camera controls – focus, iris, f-stop. And then, I figured that if I was going to automate the camera in

Wired Camera Controller

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The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera showed up at the end of March. By the time it arrived I was knee deep at work on a Chinese action film and didn’t have a lot of free time to focus on it. After playing with it a few times I realized that the camera controls are


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The ultimate goal, the reason I started mucking about with Arduino, is to be able to control the camera wirelessly, in a repeatable way. If the camera ever ships, I will be able to test these theories. For now, I’ve gotten the bluetooth and USB controllers to work, as far as I can tell, but they are

MIDI to Arduino – USB Edition

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Yet another delay in the camera shipment date. And, because I’m an optimistic fool, I returned the cheap-ass on-camera monitor I’d gotten, and back-ordered the on-camera monitor from the same company the camera is back-ordered from. At this rate the camera and monitor will ship in January. As I wait, I forge on with the next phase of the


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So, as I wait for the camera to arrive, I have been refining the control setup. I got it to work with wires, made the PS3 controller drive it over USB. Then I got rid of most of the wires and got LANC working, triggered off of the USB controller. The circuit and sketch

Past the Breadboard

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I haven’t dallied with electronics since high school. I soldered robot kits, and light sensitive buzzers. One summer I played with etching my own circuits. I couldn’t draft or silkscreen the boards, and I ended up drawing them with graph paper and a magic marker. The etching chemicals were toxic, and the experiment was

Controlling LANC with a PS3 Controller

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While I wait for the camera to ship, I have been playing with making the LANC control work. I found lots of very helpful posts: Control Your Camera RF Explorer Video Vielseitig Verwendet I’ve been able to cobble together a simple circuit, and mix the sketches to make the arduino use the button presses

Arduino Camera Control

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I have always wanted to be able to control a camera’s settings with midi. The ability to adjust any setting - iris, focus, zoom, gain - to match a beat or just to have a repeatable combination of effects. When the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera was announced, it seemed like it might give me