Category: VP Technique

  • Real Time Compositing

    Revolutionize your chroma compositing workflow. Real time compositing enables previews of final composites while you film. Check framing and eye-lines, set extension attachment, and give context to how the elements fit into the final frame.



    Immerse your cast in the world they’re inhabiting. LED panels and tracked cameras are the basis of In-Camera-VFX, creating a practical composite that puts the cast into the world of a film in a way that is hard to replicate on a traditional chroma stage.

  • Previz & TechViz

    Pre-visualization explores how a script will be translated into a visual story. Experiment with lenses, angles, blocking, timing, framing, lighting, wardrobe – any aspect of production. Techviz translates the exploration of previz into practical camera moves, blocking, and VFX methods that work for your production equipment and budget.

  • Virtual Environments

    3D models from millions of polygons to poly-sipping mobile meshes, I create virtual environments and props that fit both the aesthetic and technical budgets of your production. World-Op-friendly blueprints allow you crew to quickly control lighting, cameras and any environment setting with an interface that fits your production – including web interfaces and OSC &…