Arduino Camera Control

I have always wanted to be able to control a camera’s settings with midi. The ability to adjust any setting Рiris, focus, zoom, gain Рto match a beat or just to have a repeatable combination of effects.

When the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera was announced, it seemed like it might give me that type of control. I sold the Sony camera kit on eBay, and ordered a BMMCC. When I ordered the camera, it said it was shipping in September, and they changed that October, and here it is the 19, and there is still no shipping date.

After much research on how I might control the camera, I decided to go with arduino. The plan is to start off with a USB controller sending signals to the camera over LANC and PWM to control the lens, power and OSD menus. The only problem was that I had never even seen an arduino board.

I went to the best electronics store in the world and picked up an Uno board and some assorted parts, I also got a USB Shield to plug in the controller.

There is a ton of information about the platform online, and I was making the LEDs blink a few hours after I got home.

It took a another day or so, but I have the USB controller controlling the outputs of the arduino

As soon as the camera gets here, I can hook it up and see if it works.