Balmy Alley test

These two panels from Balmy Alley are a test of large-scale models using normal maps for detail on a low poly-count model. This original model was a modest 400,000, but the lo-poly is 40,000. For the final version the high res meshes will be in the millions of polys, it will have both sides of the alley in this section, and an environment sphere to show the rest of the alley.

This is just one garage with two murals in an alley filled with murals (in a neighborhood filled with murals). I would like to capture the entire alley, but that would be tens of thousands of photographs, and I don’t have the disk storage for that, and it would take months to process…

This test version has a 4k albedo, and a 2k normal. The model was created from 305 photographs.

Find out more about the alley and it’s artwork:

I have no rights to any art in this photo model.