Controlling LANC with a PS3 Controller

While I wait for the camera to ship, I have been playing with making the LANC control work.

I found lots of very helpful posts:

I’ve been able to cobble together a simple circuit, and mix the sketches to make the arduino use the button presses on a generic playstation controller to send various LANC commands. So Triangle starts and stops recording (plus it controls a tally LED), the plus pad controls the menus, and shoulder buttons will do playback. The whole setup uses only 2 data pins, plus power and ground. I can still use the joysticks to control the Iris, Focus and Gain with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on dedicated pins.

This is all speculation at this point. I just have a blinky light that seems to show that it is sending the data. Until the camera gets here, there is no way to tell if it will work at all.