MCP Printed Case

The case for the Master Control Panel could have been a cardboard box and duct tape, but that wouldn’t be robust enough to handle an on-set environment.

So, I 3D printed a case out of nylon and aluminum, from Shapeways. It is light, and flexible, and strong. I was able to download digital models of all of the components that I used from their manufacturer’s sites. In Blender I molded the case to wrap around the MCP like a shell.

The case fits the components perfectly, keeping the electronics protected, and keeping all of the ports firmly connected. It worked with just a few adjustments – shortening a few circuit board alignment pins, and some minor grinding on the aluminum core. The only mis-alignment is a mmm off on the OLED, cutting off a few pixels on the left of the screen.

Overall, I am amazed at the tight tolerances of the printing, and how exactly it matches the digital model.