In line at the bank?

am I waiting longer than I would ?

Or are we just having to wait in a new way?

There have always been as many people in line, and this branch had always been stoopid slow.


Photograph of division street

Line for Instacart shoppers. People shopping for themselves are in their own line. The Instacart line is longer.


Matchmove, Animation Matching, and Layout work.

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Bolden!Matchmove ArtistWhiskytree, San Rafael
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League of GodsLayout ArtistTippett, Berkeley
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Ted 2Layout ArtistTippett, Berkeley
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The CrossingLayout ArtistTippett, Berkeley
Cosmos – TVLayout ArtistTippett, Berkeley
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Thor 2Layout ArtistWhiskytree, San Rafael
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Twilight – Breaking Dawn 2Layout ArtistTippett, Berkeley
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PriestLayout LeadSpy, San Francisco
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AvatarLayout ArtistSpy, San Francisco
TsunamiLayout LeadPolygon VFX, San Rafael
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LegionVFX Data WranglerThe Orphanage, San Francisco
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You Don’t Mess with the ZohanLayout SupervisorThe Orphanage, San Francisco
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